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This red Tombo bead necklace has vintage teardrop beads. Tombo beads, or Tombo Dama, are lampwork beads made in Japan using a millefiori technique. They have a distinctive abstract floral pattern in a bright array of colors. These beads were probably made in the 1960s-1970s. Due to their handcrafted nature, each bead varies slightly in [...]


This blue art glass necklace is made with a variety of vintage beads. The sky blue lampwork rectangle beads have Aventurine flecks. The light blue baroque beads were made in Japan between 1946-1951 and sold under the “Cherry Brand” label. These artisan-made beads are paired with vintage translucent blue discs and new Czech dark blue [...]


A blue art glass necklace with millefiori beads rescued from broken vintage jewelry. The light blue millefiori beads have a rectangular shape with coppery edging at the top and bottom. They are paired with vintage light blue Czech glass cube beads and contemporary tiny dark blue Czech beads. The rectangles and cubes look great together! [...]


This lampwork bead necklace mixes vintage floral beads in shades of green, pink, and blue. The main lampwork beads are encased glass. They feature a green core on the inside and a clear outer core with hand-painted pink roses and green leaves. The light pink beads are Japanese Tombo beads, a type of millefiori bead [...]


19 1/2 inch length, enamel beads, gold-plated brass lobster clasp


This blue and green Tombo bead necklace is made with glorious vintage glass beads, both Millefiori and pressed glass. The bright aqua blue beads are known as Tombo beads, or Tombo Dama. They are a type of Millefiori bead handcrafted in Japan. These beads were probably made in the 1960s-1970s. Tombo beads have a distinctive [...]


This purple art glass necklace is made from a restrung vintage necklace, updated for today. The choker length necklace has vibrant amethyst purple lampwork beads with subtle striping in shades of lavender, plum, and violet. The five twisted focal beads look like fancy seashells with a dimpled surface, a nice contrast to the smooth round [...]


A floral beaded necklace in a periwinkle blue mixed with green and pink accents. The opaque periwinkle hand painted lampwork beads are salvaged from a vintage necklace. The larger vintage oval beads have an abstract floral design in pink and green, and the smaller ones are round. Since they are handmade, each bead is unique [...]


Royal blue glass flower necklace with vintage hand painted lampwork beads and Czech pressed glass flower beads. This retro beaded choker is a perfect mix of old and new fancy beads. The hand painted beads are an irregular shape. They have an inner core of blue and pink flowers and green leaves on the outer [...]


This colorful Tombo bead necklace is made with vintage millefiori beads from Japan. Tombo beads, or Tombo Dama, are a type of millefiori bead with a distinctive abstract floral pattern. The rare artisan glass beads were probably made in the 1960s-1970s. The smooth flat discs, meticulously crafted by hand, have multicolor abstract floral patterns. The [...]


This pink glass necklace has a striking array of fancy vintage beads. The chunky Indian lampwork grooved oval beads are bright pink with subtle gradations of color. They are nestled with pale pink Czech pressed glass irregular bicones and apricot pink round beads with vertical grooves and a horizontal band in the middle. Tiny gold [...]


A red and purple glass bead necklace with vintage beads in a mix of shapes. Purple oval and red teardrop beads have a translucent glow. These beads are vintage Czech finds. In between are Czech spacer beads in a mix of dark and light red. The combination is gorgeous! The 22 inch long necklace has [...]


Blue Millefiori necklace made with colorful vintage Japanese Tombo beads. The round and tube-shaped beads were handmade by artisans in Japan, probably in the 1960s-1970s. Tombo beads, or Tombo Dama, are a type of Millefiori bead made in Japan since the 8th century. Each one has a multicolor floral pattern, and each one is unique [...]

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