Fall Sunlight and New Beginnings

The sunlight seems to have an extra special richness in the fall, doesn’t it? Nothing is better than a long walk through the autumn sunshine when it is just a little bit cool before the real cold sets in. We have had a particularly mild fall here, just perfect for long walks. Ten years ago, we moved to our first home in October, and now we have moved again in early November. When we first moved, our children were barely toddlers. Now we have a teenager.  

I thought I would feel ambivalent when my children moved through the stages of childhood, as they grow so quickly. It is actually wonderful to see how they change and amazing to compare their pictures from just a few years ago to the present. I particularly love seeing them puzzle through problems, form their own opinions about life, and develop individual interests in subjects from art to astronomy. I think this new house will work well for the teenage years and beyond.  

The change of seasons and of houses brings bittersweet memories. I’m unpacking old photos of loved ones no longer with us. The memories of my lost family members grow stronger every year, not weaker. The love between us prevails over the pain of losing them.

We had the honor of living with two rescue beagles at our old house. The photo above is of our dear pup who is no longer with us. She enjoyed playing in leaf piles as much as the kids did. Jack Jack the beagle is still here, which surprises us all. He has epilepsy, a heart murmur, a slipped disc, and practically no teeth left. Yet he keeps going and still enjoys rather long walks for an old dog. 

I hope Jack Jack enjoys our new house as much as we already are. Our dachshund-chihuahua mix, Marley, seems to be settling in nicely. He is quite excited about the new smells in the neighborhood. We have already discovered many promising walks nearby, including a greenbelt two blocks away. I hope your fall is filled with lots of fresh air and bright colors.

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