Lilacs in June

We enjoy the bloom and scent of lilac in our yard, but the flowers usually appear in early to mid-June. How does one garden at an arid 7220 feet? Long ago, I gave up picture-perfect, manicured plants in this harsh environment of red rocky dirt, drying winds, and minuscule amounts of precipitation. I let go of the struggle and discovered the joy of working with the elements present in my environment.

I value the rugged flowers, shrubs, and trees that do well with minimal effort on my part. If a new plant introduces itself, I allow it to make a home in the garden. Above all, my Wyoming garden hones the skill of acute observation. Where does the grass grow? In the shade of the trees, because the sun is too harsh in unprotected spaces. Instead of focusing on grass, I focus on the trees and baby them with precious watering regimens. The grass will be less of a struggle and water-hog after the trees take root.

Look out to the prairie — does it seem barren? Look down, and one gains a different perspective. A lovely myriad of miniature wildflowers vies for your attention. The detail of petals and leaves in purple, blue, yellow, and green will make you catch your breath in delight. Look up. Dazzling azure skies and limitless horizons await you. Just remember to wear a hat and sunscreen. 

High Altitude Gardening Resources

Here are some helpful resources if you find yourself in a similar situation: 

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